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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go forails. >> i am dana perino with bob beckel. welcome to our special sunday edition of "the fox." -- "the five." >> we have details about what happened on september 11th the in libya. hours after the attack began a drone was sent over benghazi and the drone along with others observed the final hours of the retracted battle. they did not tell what operations were available but they did say the defense secretary and chairman of joint chief of staff said look at available options and the ones
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we exercised had our military forces arrive in less than 24-hours and that's well ahead of time lines laid out and established policies. but it was too late. four americans were killed and the american people are still looking for answers. president obama's surrogates continue to say the administration has been transparent. here is david axle rod and then you will hear about the politics of the attack. >> this is a tragic event. he called it an act of terror not just once several times. the administration reported everything we have been told and we shared it in real time. the fact is it is a complicated situation. we are thoroughly looking at what happened there and reporting to the american people on it. there has been no inconsi inconsistenci inconsistencies. >> they have one thing to argue they made the point again and again and again with the ridiculous slogan from vice president bin laden dead, gm
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alive. what libya said when it was proclaiming to the world the reason the attack was launched in the first place was to say bin laden dead al qaeda alive. >> the story ongoing for several weeks and new information keeps coming out. eric it was last night cbs news reported there was a drone that was watching. the attack we know lasted for several hours. it was only in the last couple hours that they apparently unmanned drone was able to see what was happening. >> when i heard that i am shocked. there are a lot of story lines who were going who knew what or when. greg pointed out in the editorial meeting there are so many things going on it is hard to post what happened. if the white house pushes back and doesn't say it didn't happen or intel doesn't push back and say it didn't happen if it's true the drone watched the whole thing happen we know there are at least four-hours difference
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between the ambassador being killed and others being killed. we knew and we had military people an hour away in tripoli. they could have gotten there in time to save maybe the ambassador maybe more of the ambassador. it is scary what's going on. mitt romney is politicizing this. if they cover this stuff up they politicized it. >> they would haved -- covered themselves a little bit when the pentagon and white house said they used the policies that were well ahead of laid out of an established policy. i thought that was a signal of there might be -- they might come out later on and say we need to change our policy but they followed the guidelines. you think that was a cover? >> i think what we have there was a coverup. we were able to watch this and survey it in real time that they
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had the ability the cooperation center and activated emergency alet network they could have had fast teams there they should have intervened they knew what was going on they had tables in advance from the ambassador he was requesting assistance requesting help there are things specifically they were preplanned attacks they weren't random and they were under fire. he was a sitting duck and the man was murdered. all of the communications problems as the situation was unfolding we are gathering information we are going to find out we are going to answer your questions we believe you need answers but they don't know yet. they got out ahead of thaem ses are you surprised this continues to go on? >> i am surprised but the drone thing doesn't particularly impact me. what does a drone do. a drone can't pinpoint where somebody is. we don't know if there was a rar head on the grown or a missile. would you have dropped it where
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there were other people working in the xund? probab -- compound? probably not. taken 24-hours to put marines on the ground there according to joint chiefs of staff. i am not sure there was an opportunity to save the ambassador with u.s. forces but the question is how the administration dealt with it. >> we had help a mile away they didn't engage. >> who was a mile away? >> we had help in a safe house a mile away what was once a home in benghazi turned into our consulate. there were people there, thenneded up showing up later but it was too late. >> you raise lots of good questions. i believe it's the congress through oversight function will continue to look at it. the department is looking into it as well as they should. can we get into the politics of it? was it friday night or saturday where i e-mailed you the story here it comes the cover up of
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the cover up of the cover up from two sources of the media but then they totally sris rated. >> you e-mailed me that before e-mailing me four pictures. what drives me nuts is what will happen again tomorrow. foreign policy is not a hotel buffet where you have a plate of bin laden but walk by benghazi and say it's too spicy. if you take one credit for one thing you have to take credit for both. fwoment line earlier today i said there's so much stuff out there it's so inconsistent and confusing. first it was the video, then it was terror, then it was the video, then it was terror. now it is the video again. we are playing ping bong with split personalties what really gets me, it didn't seem to me a lot of bliberals really cared
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about this issue until obama reverse engineered the story. culminating into the debate with crawl lee where he got to trash it. now you have got the left going this is the story. these are people that ignored the story forever. now you have people talking about the relevance of this issue as it makes obama look better. they weren't that interested when there were people dead. now that obama seems to look better it is an issue. >> we have been doing this closely. when i read the stories this weekend they clearly have not followed this as close arizona i have. i remember that can't possibly be true. as stooe enhaze points out white house tries to write al qaeda out of libya's story. there was language and talking points that went up to capitol hill that said the intelligence community told the fact that these extremists had ties to al
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qaeda. when the talking points went to capitol hill the ties to al qaeda was taken out. the question is is it because they didn't think it was al qaeda or did somebody exert some pressure to get them to take it out. >> who knows why they do anything that they are doing right now. they are trying to create as much smoke as they can so they can weasel their way through the election. lindsay graham today was pointing out i believe it was with chris wallace we need to find out what happened now not november 7th or december 8th -- november 8th before the election. if there was coverup, which i think it is, the american people need to vote on that. >> 18 days after the incident the consulate wasn't under u.s. control the secret documents the personal journal strewn about. another walked in and scooped it up. what kind of response is it to this kind of incident then they are afraid to call it terrorism
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until he was pushed to the point to say it. this is very inappropriate. then he broughted it up because then he politicized it was he was able to go forward. >> the idea of the connection to al qaeda every terrorist group in the mideast and northern africa and afghanistan say they have contact there or connections with al qaeda. >> i don't think al qaeda exists any more in real form. it's a vain that is well-known but this group lived in benghazi. that was their connection? >> president obama said they don't call it al qaeda any more. still terrorism infrastructure. my point is this, if they are going to hang their head on it wasn't an al qaeda attacked but another terrorist attack al qaeda is on their heels that -- >> then i want to know who are those terrorists?
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>> we had just -- >> they don't have a moose lodge meeting every saturday night about ol quaid. >> remember the terrorists were sitting pool side drink ago strawberry frappe. >> the idea that there is some connection with some form of al qaeda organization makes no sense whatsoever. there has never been any information given to us that this was connected to al qaeda. >> it wasn't given to us because it was taken out. it says extremists tied to al qaeda. >> let's put a little liquid paper on it and pretend it didn't happen. grow up. al qaeda is alive and doing well. this was a coordinated attack. >> it is not alive and well. >> any analyst with two brain cells will tell you this. >> those two brain cells aren't working very well. >> you are wrong about that.
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>> obama and romney foreign policy debate. >> i didn't see that coming. >> you need to wake up. >> coming up a new report says the united states and iran reached an agreement for direct talks 49 hours after the debate. is the timing too good to be true? we have it coming up. are you ready ?
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>> days before the big debate the obama fan club news letter drops a bombshell claiming u.s. and iran has negotiated on nuke. this is one coincidence the times ran the piece before the d debate. surprise the times says the news can only hurt romney. let's quote the paper. the prospect of one-on-one negotiations can put romney in an awkward spot since he posed iran enriching uranium.
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it could probably figure in any deal on a nuclear program. that's about as coincidental as fleas at a pet shop. this helps mitt. what did your enemy want in a negotiating scenario. if ahmadinejad wants barack doesn't wasn't mitt? if tuts hem in line with romney. we owe iran for the hostage crisis remember. will obama deny the agreement in the debate tomorrow? i bet he will say it's iran's plan to divert the presidency over a movie. it is no coincidence the film about the iranian hostage crisis argos debuted last week. no within der iran is outraged. i would arrest affleck immediately if only for jersey girl. hated that movie. i wanted everybody to know that dana raised her hand just now
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for me to call on her. >> i have a point. your co-teachers classmates -- is that what it is called? >> i am inching my hand up. i want to be first. >> so i am not calling on you. what do you think? >> no, no, i am waiting. i can wait. >> this point will wait. >> so good. >> i guess you are right whenever ahmadinejad now castro and putin also want barack. you could say mitt -- this is weird. when that news came out it was the new york times citing senior white house sources who said there was a deal between iran and the white house talking nuclear enrichment is incredibly interesting. who thinks that iran is going to
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do it? who thinks the going to stop enrichment? >> really? >> all right dana. >> can i make my point? >> when you said will obama concern this tomorrow? this is how cynical it is. according to obama administration officials that is in the lead. it came from someone within the administration who thinks this would be helpful. and statement withat the same t hour the white house spokesperson puts out a statement completely denying it saying it's not true so get to have it every which way once again. only the new york times think this can hurt romney. >> they mentioned it about four times. >> they don't get it. >> who could this help? >> anything that takes steps toward negotiations on nuclear weapons would be helpful. a oo for those of you didn't read your tweets for some reason some of your tweeting said
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everybody looks grouchy and tired. we are not grouchy and tired. going back to what i was about to say, the -- there is now in israel a major division between netanyahu and the military and barack who say they don't want israel to do an attack. they also said by the way they have never had defense than in the united states right now. i think this is about a serious move by the part of the iranians and the united states to have a discussion but what you can do about this -- >> you might want to clarify who barack is. >> i thought you were talking about obama. i was confused for a minute. >> i was doing also a little preemptive raise like this. it is like one of those trial balloons test the water because this administration loves to check the wind to see how it is and see if it goes over well. this is the first time i saw bob
6:20 pm
smile in like a week about something -- maybe he knows that president barack obama will in fact tomorrow night announce to say he is a great peace maker. that tells me that he is even more trouble with policy if he believes him about anything. they would rather deal with obama rather than romney. >> he ran the story it is one or the other. if they speak to someone who told them there was a plan. >> it will be announced it will be set to the israeli supported it. >> look at the smile. >> the white house says it's not true the israelis say they have no idea about it. our allies we will be working with they get to the table.
6:21 pm
one of the things i might bring up is when you are talking about talks with iran is back in april when you had the conversation that said in a second term you will have more flexibility. is this one of the things you are planning to do direct talks with iran? >> good question. >> what is wrong with direct talks with iran about trying to do away with nuclear energy? >> it tells us that's not a good thing. you want to have somebody who isn't willing to concede importance. >> think about it. who do they want in? obama. they want him re-elected. >> bob is trying to tell you -- >> then that would be a lot more interesting. >> you know the white house called his eye phone it calls white house on it it brings during the show and i read it all of the time. he obviously knows. this is like he is
6:22 pm
practically -- >> that's a place in dc. >> that's exactly right. >> coming up, ahead of the final debate tomorrow bob sheefr says moderators are like hockey players. how can he avoid making the wrong call? will someone tweet me the giants marlins score. only if the giants are still winning. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever.
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moderating duties tomorrow night. will he insert himself the way the others did or will he let the candidates go giving them more freedom to debate? let's toss it up. start with you. candy crowley got in the way. runners going for home the umpire get in the way and trips him. >> you did play baseball. >> i did. thank you for pointing that out. >> you were i don't remember idea about the people tweeting we were tired. >> what's bob going to be like? >> what's schieffer going to be like? i think he will be fine. what what he is going to do is let them take it and run with it. he is a wise man when it comes to politics. one of the most astute political reporters i know. i think he will get out of the way. he also has the advantage of watching the criticism of the two before him. >> what do you think? >> i will be optimistic saying i
6:28 pm
hope he does a better job than we have seen. i was supportive of candy. it was not the role of the moderator in the debate but schiffer he considers moderating to be like an umpire. you only hear criticism from the losing team. look what happened. that was a throw in the game for the other side plus all of the interruptions. >> put out a list of topics and questions already. this one a lot of breaking news, right? the drone, the wasn't there was a white house meeting with iran set up or not. a lot of things that aren't necessarily on that list. >> i think that mitt has to not get lost in all of this. with all of the new news coming out it could be an entire debate about libya if he wants. he said this. he has to breathe new life into the idea of american exceptionalism. we are the greatest country in the world we don't care if you
6:29 pm
disagree. it's about being bold not bowing. he has to say i ran the olympics. i know that is not like running a country. if obama ran the olympics he would distribute the medals. he has to have fun and talk about how the foreign policy is like open mic night. it's a bunch of amateurs. he has to have a general statement about this stuff. have some darts specific but don't get too down into it. right? >> he is pretty good at moving a debate along, right? >> 2004 george bush john kerry moved from topic to topic it topic or stay on the important issues? >> he will want to cover a lot of ground. they have 90 minutes. one of the things not on the list is russia. there's an opening there for mitt romney. also on china we talked a lot about the financial aspects. but the human rights aspect is
6:30 pm
really important as well. the problem with the moderator if you go from being an umpire to being like the replacement rep in the packers seahawks game -- >> nice. >> thank you. i know what i am doing here. i think that romney has to be competent and look lyiike he wod be able to handle it. it's tricky to do foreign policy because you don't want to step on the president's toes too much. there might be negotiations that he is doing. you have to be respectful. i think he has to do what he has done in the last two debates. did well in the first one held his own in the second one and on the furred one when there is a lot of things going on in the sports world. >> did you hear that analogy. packers seahawks not packers cincinnati. >> you had to get that in there. >> making up for his thing. >> thank you very much. i will bring up some things that i know other people don't know we will bring them out. >> you did call the refs an
6:31 pm
umpire. >> i did. >> there's nothing about the news of the day that is not on these lists of things he is talking about from iran middle east and al qaeda and the rest of it. the question for mitt romney is he has one disadvantage. the president of the united states knows what's going on currently. don't laugh think. but i think he does. any president does know a lot more of what's going on. when you say he stands up there says we need to reinstate earn conceptualism the question is how, when and why? are you confident to could that yourself? >> i was making a joke. but my point is, about exceptionalism is often expressed through language. our president has a problem with language which is ironic given he is so eloquent. reprimand cause violence? that is what we call tearrism. fort hood is workplace violence. >> they described benghazi as
6:32 pm
what do we call it they called it a flash mob with weapons. is drone tagged with guns? if you have a candidate like romney who is willing to say what something is this is terror from the beginning so we must crush them. >> don't forget his first speech in cairo university of cairo he apologized for americans. >> did he. did he. come on. >> would you finally read that? >> he apologized for 9-11. >> no more bowing. i like that. >> let's bring that speech in here. >> i think bob is going to do a very good job. he will not be like a game show mo host like candy was. >> the president i -- romney should ask who pushed the video. that's all anybody wants to know. why the video. i know bob you look at me like i am crazy.
6:33 pm
i am crazy. crazy in love with you. >> we will wrap up. >> heading down for the final debate first thing in the morning. hopefully i will run into mr mr. schieffer. polls have romney up big. other vs. it in a dead heat. the lathes from the key swing states that will be the deciding factor. kimberly will breakdown the numbers yet. [ music playing, children laughing ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ music, laughter stop ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite foods fight you, fight back fast with tums smoothies. so fast and smooth, you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums [ male announcer ] tums smoothies.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> i am harris falk another. with 16 days to go before the election many have already cast their ballots millions of you making their choice for president before seeing the final debate between governor romney and president obama. by monday 39 states in district
6:38 pm
of columbia will be eligible for early voting. one in three voters is expected to vote before november 6th. in yemen, yes ma'am my offici s fish -- yemeni officials saying a drone sent by the u.s. they consider al qaeda branch in eastern yemen to be the most active and has used drones to go after members before. a senior al qaeda member was killed in october in a similar air strike. get you back to "the five." >> we are back with a sunday night prime time official "the five" a day before the presidential debate. there are lots of polls telling different stories.
6:39 pm
here's a look as of today a gallup poll of likely voters has romney up big 62 percent to 45 percent. rasmussen daily poll has romney with a slight lead 49 percent to 47 percent. the latest wall street journal poll of likely voters have a dead heat. both sitting strong at 47 percent. people say who should we believe? is one polling better than the other? is it a dead heat or more recent polls showing romney ahead. you have thoughts. >> don't think obama got much of a bounce out of the second debate at all. >> why is that? >> i don't think it was as strong a performance or as strong a bounce as romney got because the expectations were so low for romney it came out very well for him. >> bob schieffer said obama won a second debate but it wasn't as
6:40 pm
decisive a victory as romney. >> when you look at the wall street journal poll they take polls in one day period of time over two-days. gallup poll is rolling average. wall street journal we look at as a rolling average as well. there are other polls very similar. this is a very very close race. the gallup poll in distinguished organization but i would not take that. it's too far off the mark from where the wall street journal poll is which is a poll i have followed a long time and trusted. >> they have intonding to criticism frank new port saying they are reputable. they do not have deep flaws, et cetera. they are standing by their numbers. see who is right on election day. >> number one all of these polls that use likely voters what they do is use different methodology to figure out which are the likely voters. do you know where the polling
6:41 pm
place is have you voted in the past? it qualifies the poll makes it more credible. all using likely voters have mitt romney with a substantial lead. >> who is winning? >> 47 percent. >> who has 47 percent on all of the polls including the wall street journal gallup and ppp. barack obama 47 percent. >> i think that is probably right. i think that's about the average. also if you look at the average of real quick polls they have obama up a point. they are being polled well. wall street journal does a good job at screening for likely voters. will>> bert than gallup? >> i think so. >> tina i was going to ask you who do you call a survey of baby frogs? >> rib bets? >> tadpole. >> can we edit that out?
6:42 pm
>> get more polls in a barber college. i don't know about how america feels about it but polls are interesting until you talk about them. they are interesting to rook at numbers wise but once you discuss the numbers it's like listening to teenaged girls talk about justin bieber. >> those are equally interesting. >> tad poll was a good joke. >> did you see me giggle. >> it blamed goes on romney's side where they were before and the first debate and where they are now. obama had 51-44 over mccain at this point in the election in 2008. mitt romney in the gallup poll 51-45 almost the exact in 2012 on the same day leading up to the election. i am not saying that's a prediction i am saying that's a fact. >> also the polls are different. national obama says obama does better but in the swing state romney has done better. >> that is why the question of
6:43 pm
their polling out individual states. if you noticed two things, one, where have they gone these guys as candidates. if either one stopped in north carolina? >> no. >> the reason for that is simple. they made a decision they are not going to. >> ohio and las vegas and colorado. >> nevada. >> nevada, yeah. if i were mitt romney even if i didn't think i could win there i would drop by there. >> stay with me. wrap around the poll. let's go. coming up five minutes five hot political topics and the five of us. stick around. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> welcome back. time to blow through five great political stories you should know about. rick? >> this is joe biden yesterday on the campaign trail. >> a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about yourself respect. it's about your dignity.
6:48 pm
it's about who you are. it's about being able to turn and look your child in the eye and say honey, it's going to be okay. >> it's not that bad. i think he was quoting his dad. i think he has done it before. it is more than a paycheck, but a paycheck is a start. the soaring rhetoric about dignity and things like that is starting to wear thin which is why i hated the whole concept of green jobs. the idea behind green jobs is they were more important and how more meaningful and cooler than the other jobs which allowed him the leeway to screw the taxpayers for green jobs that never existed. >> did he say that? >> what did i say? >> you are terrible. >> this caught a lot of people's tanks. you might not have realized this. the u.n. sponsors the organizations for security and cooperation in europe. they are sending 44 monitors to monitor our elections here in america. they did this in 2004. did it in 2008.
6:49 pm
liberal groups met with osce and expressed concern that conservatives are going to suppress minority votes. there's nothing to say to conservative groups could meet with them, too to explain why they are wrong and looking out for things like black panthers. >> new black panthers. >> but there's not a -- >> see my point? >> yes. >> the u.n. is coming they are going to check the election. >> sorry. the story is really interesting. turns out a gentlemen from england tried to donate to both barack obama's campaign and mitt romney's campaign. he was able to donate using his address in england to barack obama's campaign but mitt romney's campaign web site turned him away. i thought i would put up the numbers the latest numbers on money raised in the campaign so far barack obama 918 million
6:50 pm
mitt romney 818 million bucks. $2 million needs to be spent. the dnc is in the whole 20 million in the whole and the rnc has 83 million. >> interesting, interesting numbers going out. a lot of money being raised. >> one party is in debt. >> i have a sad political story. george mcgovern at age 90 died jed in -- yesterday in south dakota. he was a lion in the democratic party. i had the advantage of being a volunteer in the 92 campaign when he upset muskee out of maine and went on to get the democratic nomination. lost in a land side. he was a man of peace. he called for the vietnam war to be over when it should have been over. he will be remembered fondly particularly in the democratic party circle where he changed the struck fewer for the better. miss you very much.
6:51 pm
>> agreed. that was nice coverage we had today. a story where 10 people showed up for a political event for barack obama because sandra luxe was speaking. it fell on deaf ears for her at the sack and save on saturday. 10 people showed up that felt passionate that the number one issue in the election was free birth control. women care about jobs and feeding their families putings meals on the table putting glass in the car that i canning their ki -- taking their kids to school and practice. >> she was referred to as a social justice advocate. not sure how that adds up. >> maybe she wants to be. >> i hope she has a day jock. >> it's sunday night. in other parts of the country it is family time. there is no room for jokes.
6:52 pm
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>> i dwrgot it. want to know why it took you so long to call it a terrorist atake. >> i did. >> no you didn't. >> in fact i am willing to bet here and now you have never in your life even once used the phrase terrorist act. >>ly get the transcript. >> governor, he has in fact used the phrase terrorist act. >> candy, no, no, no, no. come on. >> i am afraid he did. >> candy, please. candy. (applause) >> mitt romney he should do that. >> again it makes obama look so cool and romney look like a tool. >> you go there next big shot. >> it is day three of wouldn't
6:57 pm
say woosyness. i challenged a gentlemen named larry owe donahue from current television he does a talk show to a pillow fight in times square applebees in our underwear in himachal lengthing a tag romney to a fight. he has not responded. he is a coward and a woos. what is he afraid of? the apple teen knees? at t is he afraid of the back rubs is he aphrase of -- afraid of me. go back to belgium. >> i don't know why you are laughing so much. >> i was making sounds. >> making various sounds over there. >> today is the birthday of my candidate who i offered my services to. kim kardashian is 53 today. this is the poster i put together for her in glendale, california. they don't have a mayor there. don't worry. they will figure that out. we will vote for you anyway.
6:58 pm
i said card yredia kardashian f because brains are over rated. >> so mean to her. >> i am winning. all right. >> 17 or 18 days until the election. 11 days until halloween. this is for greg. if you check out this halloween display i found. there is somebody here who is really cute. his name is jasper. greg is one of those costumes. let us know who you think greg is. >> what a blatant attempt to get followers. >> beckel doesn't really tweet. >> kimberly wanted to go last. >> thank you very much. this has been so fun. sunday night. hope you enjoyed spending time with us. i have a little bit of a video spot from special operations for america. this is one of my favorite things in their mission statement. dedicated to restoring strong leadership to the office of commander and chief and those senior officials appointed by
6:59 pm
the president submitted to an independent military capable of defending america's freedom and interests. take a look at this video. >> we fight because we need to. >> sometimes we die because we love this country. i believe in america exceptional as a navy seal i fought so i would never have to see my president bow to any one. >> a soldier. >> who does that? >> barack obama bowing. that's not what the nt should-- president should do. >> is that what that was all about? >> he does bow a lot. he bows quite often. >> it is because he is tall. it always looks like people are bowing to me. i am royalty. >> i don't know of a president who met the queen of england who doesn't bow. >> he is


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